Breeding Update

We have no breedings to announce at this time.

Available Puppies

We have two litters on the ground right now! We are VERY excited and happy with these pups! Many are already reserved. Please email us if you are interested.

Born 2/15/12

Wild Child Simba the Lion King x Centurian Mastini Zingara

Simba                                                                                                  Zee!


Born Leap day! 2/29/12

Centurian Mastini Black Magic x CH Centurian Mastini Serafina

Our Magic below!

Beautiful Sera!!!!!

Our Neopolitan and Spanish Mastiffs

What can we tell you about our beloved dogs? Our chosen breeds? They are our passion, and we are so lucky as a couple, to have this in common! We joined our kennels in November, of 2008, and haven't looked back. Our dogs come from Italy, from the esteemed del Gheno kennel, from Canada, from here in the states, such top breeders as Ironstone, here, in the US of A! Our neos are raised in our home; as are our mastins! Our mastins have came from here, in the us, and Czechlovakia. We are sooo lucky to have as a mentor, who we consider to be the top mastin breeder, outside of Spain, as a mentor. Thank you!!! Lenka!!!!

We will be with you, if you need us, and even if you don't, LOL, as your guides and mentors with your beloved dogs, for their lifetime, and beyond. This is not lip service for us, as it is for so many breeders. We speak to, and yes, help many families and their dogs, who have came from other kennels. Why? We love these dogs. It is our passion, it is who we are. It is the right thing to do.