What can we say about our dogs? To start with, we love every one of them. We have raised them ourselves, most of them from puppies. A few have found their way back into the fold. (Caesar), some have came as adolescents, (Caligula di Agrippina, Click!). A couple have flown across the sea, starting with Contessa del Gheno, followed by Ettore and Florra del Gheno, from our close friends in Italy.

And now, our Neo family…

Centurian Mastini Black Magic



Sire: CH Centurian Mastini Merlin

Dam: Centurian Mastini Venezia

An incredible young male, now!!! with great spirit, and a love of being a lap dog, Magic is beautiful, physically and with his loving temperament. He has a great future, he took winner's dog at his first show. This was at the IKC in Chicago, 2010. Magic is continuing to develop in a wonderful way! We are becoming even MORE excited by his progress, and future! Magic is now over 2 years of age, and is a very typey neo, in body and spirit. He has sired one litter, and continues to be a big part of our future plans.

Centurian Mastini Essence of Dharma



Sire: CH Centurian Mastini Merlin

Dam: Centurian Mastini Venezia

BIG girl, out of Merlin and Venezia, currently she is 165lbs at 2 yrs of age! She is all puppy, loves to play, and hang with the big kids. LOL! She is a beautiful dog and has a wonderful future here, and Centurian!

Centurian Mastini Everlasting Hope

Eve, Evie, “the damn baby”


Sire: CH Centurian Mastini Merlin

Dam: CH Flora del Gheno

Evie is a little mischievous girl. Still has growing to do… she is her daddy’s girl. Many a day Anne will come home, to see Bill holding Evie in the chair, watching tv. Out of 2 incredible dogs, we are looking forward to her future in the ring on a national scale, and also, her progeny to come…..

Centurian Mastini Mister Yogi



Sire: Ettore del Gheno

Dam: CH Contessa del Gheno

Centurian Mastini Mister Yogi. Yogi is a free spirit as his daddy was. A very good looking puppy, has Contessa, his dam’s thick skin and wrinkle, and his daddies gait and attitude. His show career started quite well with big wins at this years nationals. We look for Yogi to be the cornerstone of our breeding program in the future. He is blue with the signature del Gheno spectacular head, as well as terrific bone and type. The perfect amount of thick, heavy wrinkle, he will be a standout at shows with his smooth movement and overall balance. He is a wonderful example of the breed.

Centurian Mastini Serafina



Sire: Ettore del Gheno

Dam: CH Contessa del Gheno

Sera is a sweet little girl, out of Contessa and Eddy. She holds a big place in our heart. Sera is shy, but friendly once she comes to know someone.. Then she is stuck to you like glue, like her loving dam and sire. Sera is a smaller neo female, I don’t believe she will ever be larger than 130 pounds, at 36 months she is 115 pounds. She is very correct, large bone, beautiful head, and a gait to die for. She is athletic, and LOVES to play. She is very gentle. Sera has completed her championship, YAY!!!! At the 2010 Chicago show, and at her first show, the IKC in Chicago, at 7 months, took two 4 point majors!!! She had 8 points toward her championship while she was still a baby. She completed her championship the next year, at the IKC, at about 18 months of age! Sera has had 2 litters and is hopefully due to whelp with her 3rd, the beginning of October, 2011!

Centurian Mastini Stone Age Neapatra

Bamm Bamm


Sire: CH Centurian Mastini Merlin

Dam: CH Centurian Mastini Venezia

This is our BABY! She is very special to us, as she was very ill at birth with pneumonia. We all struggled with her little life for the first three weeks, and then.......... Bamm Bamm!!!!

We believe she has the potential to follow in her granddam Prunella's footsteps, if so, they are pretty big, so she will need her outgoing precocious spirit! Bammers is 18 months old now, and is starting to fulfill her promise. She is a beautiful, typey girl. And she has a wonderful mastino temperament!

Centurian Mastini To Z Or Not To Z



Sire: CH Centurian Mastini Venchairro

Dam: CH Centurian Mastini Fieonna

PJ! (Prunella Junior), from the first minute following her birth.

PJ reminded me of Nella the second I saw her, with her big feet, and perfect head. She was the biggest puppy in the litter, and as the only girl, that was accomplishing something. She is a very loveable girl, snuggly, and she loves her daddy the very best!(daddy Bill, that is!). She is very feminine, in her puppiness!! seems. PJ is ALL black, with no brindle, which is rare, in the neo world, her coat is beautiful, it can seem to glow. P.J. is very young and has started her show career with a bang! She took Best of Opposite Sex at regionals in Chattanooga, in 2010 at about 18 months of age! She is large, heavy boned, and correct.

Centurian Mastini Venezia



Sire: CH TDY Chang’s Apollos

Dam: CH Ironstone Sirius Leigh Adeva

Venezia is a snuggle bug. She LOVES attention, and belly rubs. She always throws herself down, on her back, for us to pat her tummy. She has developed a sweet personality, and wow!!! This litter of puppies she had!! So far, they are incredible. Look for them in the show ring.

Venezia has herself, not been shown much, although, this past year, has been entered in 4 shows, and she majored in all 4, including a 5 point major under judge Charlie Costello.

In Rosemont, IL Venezia took Best of Opposite Sex, and Best of Winners... another major, and she is now a champion!

Centurian Mastini Zingara

Zee, Ziggy, the Z girl


Sire: CH Centurian Mastini Venchairo

Dam: CH Centurian Mastini Fieonna

Ziggy is the reason we are together, today.

I was looking for a great show female, and knew of Centurian Mastini with the BEST females in the country!! Ironstone Sirius Leigh Adeva, and Contessa del Gheno. (Z’s grand dams. Parents and all Grandparents are AKC Champions) Also, knew that the Goetz's were chosen as "ambassadors" for the USNMC! There were puppies available, and the Zee girl came home to Michigan. Now….. We are both here in North Carolina at Centurian Mastini and Spanish Mastiffs and Zee’s future is shining bright. Ziggy LOVES to eat.. This girl never misses a meal, Never!!! Where ever she goes, she sniffs, (snuffles, lot of noise), around the floor, looking for crumbs! Ziggy is a typical neo female, a lot like her granddam, Nella, thick bone, great facial expression, and wrinkle, thick in body, etc, etc....

CH Centurian Mastini Fieonna



Sire: CH Centurian Mastini Merlin

Dam: CH Contessa del Gheno

Fionna is a lover girl. She loves attention. She is very athletic, and loves to run and play. She is a beautiful female, with thick bone, and nice, not overdone, wrinkle. Fionna is an incredible silver color, a light shade of blue. She is a GREAT mom, and has incredible babies. Included in those babies, are our vety own PJ, and Zee, who are launching their own careers, and progeny ! Fionna became championed at a very young age of 14 months. Fionna does not like being on the road, so she stays home, when we travel to shows. She is of all that are here the easiest to take care of, you would hardly know she is here unless you are looking for her.

CH Centurian Mastini Merlin



Sire: CH TDY Chang’s Apollos

Dam: CH Contessa del Gheno

Merlin, the magic man!! Merlin is absolutely all mastini, he is very protective, especially of Anne. He loves to go for rides, he loves to be in the show ring, heck, he just loves life, and living large… and he has… as the akc top neo, in 2007, he has the best head, we have ever seen, incredible in size. We have great puppies from him, and his career continues……

CH Contessa del Gheno



Sire: Sole del Gheno

Dam: Fiamma del Gheno

From Italy to Indiana, and now... NORTH CAROLINA!!! she is our foundation.

Contessa was picked from a photo that Renato Gheno emailed to Centurian…and, Contessa arrived here, spring, 2004, at 3 months of age.

“Tessa” is a gem, she loves to hug your leg, she can be noisy… She is the first to alert, when someone comes into the front of the property. Contessa has a place of honor in the household, her own couch! She has earned it, she was the first neo in akc history to take a group one placement, in Beckley, WV, in 2006, AT 14.5 MONTHS OF AGE!!

Contessa is retired, here, at CM. Her last litter at age 4, include Mr Yogi and CH Centurian Mastini Serafina, who also are here at CM, they have embarked on their individual show careers, and each have their own shining stars, already, having taken top honors at 2009 Nationals in Edison, NJ. Sera championed at a very young age, of 18 months with limited showing, and is now working on producing her own new champions, LOL! CH CONTESSA DEL GHENO IS ALMOST 8 YEARS OF AGE!!!

CH Ironstone Sirius Leigh Adeva

Prunella, Nella, otherwise known as “the Diva”.


Sire: Ironstone Giorgio

Dam: Ironstone Zylvia

Yes, she is our princess, oh, sorry, her Highness… At least she likes to think she is.. Bill likes to think she is deaf, actually, SHE….. Ignores him, our diva..LOL!!! She runs the show, literally. For example, swept all 4 days at the International show at Chicago, in 2009, running over all competition, likewise, the Indy show, in Feb, 2009, won all 3 days attended!! These are just a couple of the honors Nella has won for CM. She was BOS at Westminster in 2008, BOS at Nationals in 08, She took BOS at Regionals in Atlanta, both days, in 2008. This was done at age 5. Now, consider the fact that many neos don’t make it past 4 years, unfortunately…

So,Nella is OUR diva, Nella is EIGHT!!!! yrs young. But, she plays like a puppy. She can go all day, and will, if you have enough energy. We feel blessed to have her in our lives, her spirit is incredible.

Currently, at age 8, Nella is, per AKC standings, the top neo female. She is 3rd in the AKC’s top 25 Neapolitan mastiffs. She is friendly, but protective, as needed. Her offspring is a big part of our bright future, with her already known longevity, and health. We love her

Ironstone Bella Madonna



Sire: Gonfiezza Baby Face Alfredo

Dam: Ironstone Principessa

Maddie came from Michigan, with Anne, to Centurian Mastini. Maddie is a wonderful girl. She loves to be around her people, she loves to go for rides, she loves her stuffed animals.. Maddie is from Ironstone, Dr Allen was her breeder.

She had a litter of 10 puppies, with Merlin, and produced beautiful, happy babies. She loved having babies. Maddie is a pet, and has never been shown, due to an injury as a puppy, but this has not taken away from her love for us, or ours for her. Maddie is a wonderful addition to CM, and plays a big part in our future, here. Again, friendly, outgoing, but protective, as we want our mastini to be.

Portia's Promise Tornado Erben



Sire: Ich Ramonet

Dam: Ch. Florita Maja Tornado Erben

Polly is our venture into the Spanish Mastiff. She is a joy to own. Very intelligent, and loving, but, also very alert, and protective. Overall, the Spanish Mastiff is healthier than the Neapolitan Mastiff. We have worked successfully on placing the Spanish Mastiff in the akc fss, and in a few years, the Spanish Mastiff should be fully accepted by the akc. Polly has had one litter at age 2.5years. We are keeping several of these pups here, at Centurian, due to our increasing numbers of livestock.

Our mission in Neapolitan Mastiffs