Hi, my name is Anne, I love my dogs. I am a breeder, who will be with you for the life of your beloved neo. I want to be with you. And your dog. I will not, as others do, sell you a dog, collect your money, and then not answer your calls, or emails. You can, (and I hope you will!). Call me any time night or day. I will do my level best to be here for you, when you need us.

You will have my cell phone, Bill's cell phone and our home phone numbers. Yes, our dogs and our kennel is based in our home. Yes, we live with our dogs. We will help you if you have questions, or refer you to someone who can help you.

If you have a problem, we will respond with kindness, compassion, empathy, and understanding.

The Only Stupid Question…

There are no stupid questions! I always say the only stupid question is the one you wanted to ask, and didn't. We are very informal here, and want you to succeed in your neo adventure. Here's what you need to know before calling Centurian Mastini to inquire about our dogs; absolutely nothing!

Call me. I'll talk to you about your dogs. Or about our  dogs specifically.  We will tell you about our goals, and about what we have done already to improve the breed.  We're here to help. Again, as I said above, there are no stupid questions!

Most breeders will take your money, and then not speak to you any longer, especially, if you have problems. I have talked to many of these folks, and it is heartbreaking.  And, you would be surprised at how many of these self proclaimed "breeders of merit" there are.

Health and Longevity

We are committed to improving the health and longevity of the Neapolitan mastiff breed. This incredible dog, is here with us for too short of a period of time, as lifespans go, now, in the neo breed. We will honestly tell you the health histories of all our dogs, bad, and good, to the best of our knowledge.  My friends in neos, there are TOO MANY breeders who breed dogs that do not live past 4 years of age, even 6 years of age!!! I believe these dogs can live to 10 to 12 years of age, it will take devoted breeders, not money hungry people, like so many are.

This breed will only improve if we are all honest about potential issues, and what we, as breeders are doing to change it. We are committed to current research being done, on the Neapolitan mastiff, and participate.

We do not simply give this lip service. We are also committed to helping neo rescue, and encourage others to do the same. If you have life changing events, we will try to help you if you are unable to keep your CM dog. We want our dogs to be placed for life, but understand that occasionally a dog may have to be rehomed.


There are many neo breeders in the US. There are not many like us. Do your research. Talk to other people that have dealt with breeders you like. Ask to see the stud and dam. And then, come talk to me. The difference will be amazing. There is commitment here. That, my friends, is the difference. Look at our records. Look at theirs. Look at the way they treat others; in public and in private. Have a look at my blog.

Trust me, you will have to prove you will be a good owner. I expect nothing less than I do for my dogs. I am not like others who deliver big speeches, and talk others down, and then can't live up to my words. Thank you.

Our mission in Neapolitan Mastiffs