Introducing Anne…

Anne Latimer (me), a nurse from Michigan with a love for the neo, had been looking for a wonderful show puppy from a responsible, ethical breeder. Unfortunately, I already had personal experiences with the opposite… (or fortunately, because it led me to Bill, and Centurian Mastini!)

I had ran into William Goetz at a show in Grand Rapids, MI, in November of 2007. Bill had Merlin and Prunella with him, and was friendly when I admired his beautiful dogs. He offered help if I ever needed it, and when my year-old neo died in my yard while out playing, I called him.

I obtained Centurian Mastini Zingara from Centurian Mastini in August of 2008. A friendship developed with Bill and myself, and we became a couple. We combined our 2 kennels in November of 2008. At that time, Anne brought along her mastins, and now the Italian and Spanish mastiffs are raised together, in this great environment.

Today we share a love for the breeds and are building a life together, with the best dogs in the world!

Come join us in this magnificent adventure!! You are never alone!

And Bill!

Bill was born and raised in Northwest Indiana, Michigan City, and La Porte. As a carpenter and general contractor by trade, Bill fell in love with neos in the year 2000… and Centurian Mastini came to be. Our bloodlines include del Gheno and Ironstone primarily. We also have a small amount of Stradone and Blanch O Zeus in the mix.

Bill started showing his neos in 2004, and quickly made an impact with Contessa and Apollos...

Other neo highlights soon followed:

  • Prunella, (Ironstone Sirius Leigh Adeva)
  • CH Centurian Mastini Merlin—2007 TOP NEAPOLITAN IN USA (PER THE AKC)!
  • Obtaining CH Florra del Gheno, and Ettore del Gheno from the del Gheno kennel in Italy
  • Breeding now into the 4th generation of Centurian Mastini
  • Bringing along the likes of Yogi, Sera, Ziggy, PJ, the D___ Baby, (or Evie), etc.
  • And, now, the younger generation is making it's presence known, in the show world! Ask us about the Chattanooga regionals!

We are incredibly thrilled with the potential of our upcoming youngsters.

Our mission in Neapolitan Mastiffs